Wednesday, January 02, 2008

50 bits of information about me !

    1. Have a scar on my hand from a knife fight with a brother.

    2. Once happily took a bribe of €25,000.

    3. Have a broken nose from rugby.

    4. Have owned 5 houses and 4 apartments in the past (I used to move a lot!).

    5. Have written off 3 cars and 2 motorbikes in crashes.

    6. Had sex first at 19 with a brother’s girlfriend.

    7. Been beaten up twice.

    8. Fired from a job once.

    9. Love GlenMorangie Whiskey.

    10. Walked out of a job once.

    11. Love to spank.

    12. So far had five people offered themselves to be my 24/7 slave.

    13. I read about 150 books a year.

    14. Once offered a bribe of €20,000 to someone and they took it.

    15. Know of 3 priests who have ‘wives’, 2 of which are female.

    16. I have a tiny circular scar on my right upper arm, from being stabbed at school (aged 9) with a pencil.

    17. Expelled once from a boarding school age 16- for being out on a date until 11.30 with a girl.

    18. Ended up after a truck crash in Rotterdam, getting drunk in a brothel. Brothel had deal of as much drink as you wanted for entrance fee to entice you, but I didn’t have enough money for a woman.

    19. I am a good cook.

    20. When I was 19 took a tiny bit of hash and hated it- never taken drugs since.

    21. I love the movies especially film noir like The Big Sleep.

    22. Once kissed a famous female newsreader who worked in RTE.

    23. So far had 2 different homes searched by the Gardai for 2 different reasons.

    24. I am a Godfather to three relatives.

    25. Once awoke to find my landlady at the end of the bed blessing me with holy water, to get rid of any ‘infections’ I had brought home from the nightclub. Truly ! and I moved out that day.

    26. Twice so far bluffed my way into jobs with either fake or no references.

    27. I love eating chocolate with whiskey- how weird is that?

    28. I find women half-undressed in lingerie much more sexy than being nude- am I kinky or what?

    29. I love knowing secrets especially sexual ones.

    30. With my dominant nature I’d love to own and rent out a whore, except it is illegal in this country!

    31. Once on a blind date, ended up at a film premiere with an Ambassador’s daughter. Loads of security, film was rubbish but at least she was a happy slut.

    32. It is odd that over the last few years I have been to funerals of people I have never met. They have always been a relative of someone I know. Life is odd sometimes.

    33. So far in my life, in different situations and times I have seen 6 dead bodies. Don’t want to see any more.

    34. My favourite meal is probably Christmas dinner as it always brings back so many great memories.

    35. I find it very exciting and arousing to lock a man into a chastity device, especially if it is linked to their feminization. Am I not wonderfully wicked !

    36. Love the forbidden thrill of riding/training a married woman- like spending other people’s money !

    37. I get at least one blackmail request from people each week.

    38. I am a member of a political party.

    39. Once attended a state dinner in Dublin castle using another person’s identity.

    40. Dogs generally love me, why I do not know.

    41. Once hospitalized over sun burn.

    42. Love women in stockings and high heels but then again what man doesn’t eh?

    43. Once had a great summer riding a soldier’s wife- will the Irish Army ever forgive me?

    44. I was once appointed as the money laundering officer (to prevent it !) of a financial institution.

    45. I have always wanted to shag Mary Robinson but not Mary McAlesse- am I kinky or what !?

    46. Once had to get a fingernail cut off and I remember chatting to the surgeon about Chinese food as he did it. Truly. My hand was very very drugged.

    47. When I was a child killed a kitten by accident. Put her into the deep freeze to keep her safe. I was four.

    48. Had sex once separately with 2 sisters.

    49. Done a husband and wife.

    50. Now still searching/hoping for a mother/daughter combo.

    Friday, June 08, 2007

    Thinking of finding a sissy to enslave and feminise...

    I had an idea which I was not sure would be possible.

    The basic idea was find a wealthy submissive sissy and slowly over time both feminize and enslave her.

    This would mean that I end up with both a sub shemale and enough wealth to 'retire' from work and enjoy myself. The sissy ends up as a completely chastised shemale who is my property.

    The advantages for the sissy is that she can live full time as a sissy and have a controlled environment and plan, to slowly over time feminize her with hormones and surgury into being to all outwards opinion a female.

    The advantages to me of owning completely a sissy and her ex-property are obvious.

    So I put up and advert and got some replies.

    First vikki (a sub tv) loved the idea and we are currently chatting back and forth to see if we match.

    I am currently in contact with 3 others who might be for real or not- only time will tell.

    So a simple idea but is it possible? for instance has anyone done this before? Love to hear. I had heard three hand of some wifes who have sissified their cuckold wimp husbands and now hold complete control of their finances... but has any sissy given complete TPE to a Master?


    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    A submissive couple, beg to be my slaves

    A married woman contacted me from Bulgaria. Seems after nine years of marriage Nadia wants to be trained as a slut bimbo slave. She says her husband is a dumb sissy also and she wants him to be turned into a shemale whore. She sent me on photos, one of which I had enclosed above.

    So firstly in relation to this, is this maybe just another person wanting to discuss a fantasy and she has no real intention of making it real? She says they both want to be owned slaves and controlled by someone, as they are not good at running their lives and making decisions for themselves.

    Secondly even though Bulgaria is now an accession state within the EU, Ireland does not allow work permits for Bulgarians unless they have skills which can generate a salary of more than €30,000. Neither Nadia or her sissy husband Vili have any qualifications or skills to achieve a job such as that.

    Nadia offered to whore herself and vili, to earn their keep but even that is problematical. With that scenario you are getting into more complications.

    So anyone have any suggestions, for how these two can earn their keep or does anyone know anyone who’d like to own and keep two slaves here in Ireland?


    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    Sexy women at lunch...

    Just a private/public joke to myself- can you spot the complete slut in this photo?

    In private this woman is a an outstanding whore and loves being dominated/humiliated and trained...


    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Sexy locking corsets with enforced chastity !

    Just found this site which Mistress Francesca has set up to display her interest and services in relation to both tightlacing and enforced chastity.

    Miss Amy (a fantastic Corsetiere) of Wast Creations Corsets ( New York make the wonderful corsets and on her site she has lots more designs and options.

    I suspect what really appeals to me is the sense of control I would have over a sissy slave (or a female) who I would lock daily into their tightlacing corset. It would make them even more under your control and I must admit that I find the sexy female form and shape it gives a body quiet a turn on .... We get control, chastity and feminization all in one package !

    Have a look at this link too to see a slave putting herself into the corset (and I do love the O ring of slavery and service her owner has her wearing on her left marriage finger too !)...

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Seems if you want to put a default photo in your profile it has to be online somewhere already.

    A sneeky way around this is to put it into one of you blog postings and then link to it.

    This is what I am doing here by linking my profile to the photo above.

    Michael Noel.

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    A slave's real natural mindset or creed.

    Since my previous posting on slave's and their creed- I have had some messages from people describing the same thing in different ways. A lady in Florida sent along the below. She said it is not hers, so if anyone knows who wrote it let me know and I can give them credit for it. I think it basically states the mindset a slave should have and puts it in concise terms. If you do not agree with it (and still think yourself a real slave) I believe you are following the wrong submissive lifestyle and don't really know who you are !

    If You Want Be A Slave
    If you want to be a slave, If you want to be enslaved, You must show him your inner strength as well as your unquestioning trust.
    If you wish be found pleasing to him, you must struggle to please him and not yourself.
    If you wish to devote your life to him, you must learn that your role is not as his peer.
    If you would consider yourself his, are you prepared to be slave even when its not easy or fun?
    If you call yourself slave, will you obey even in fury or tears?
    Do you eliminate the "If"s from your vocabulary, and realize that slavery is not conditional?
    A slave gives from the heart, she doesn't consider it a "gift" Its not all wrapped up in rainbows and pink ribbons, Its bound in determined sacrifice and decorated with her tears of pain, effort, and bliss Its the sheerest, most primitive, raw expression of self she can give She gives only what is left, after the pride and defences crumble and she is left exposed to his eyes She gives herself, because she could not imagine not giving to him. She is bound by own need, as strongly than the steel around her neck
    You have no right to expect to be respected, to expect love in 'return' for your slavery. You have nothing to expect, except that he will do as he pleases.
    You have no right to censor your slavery, or your thoughts or deeds.
    Are you ready to be treated as a slave? Are you ready to put someone's happiness above your own?
    Do you put aside your own desires and accept that they will only be fulfilled if he chooses to do so?
    Are you ready to strive always to please, and to not grow lazy and ride on past successes?
    Do you have the ability to lose your selfishness, your sense of looking after yourself first?
    Can you leave your pride behind?
    Consent is given once, when the collar is begged. For a slave, there is no limits or conditions on consent. Everything is given then, in that one moment, when a girl crawls to beg for ownership, regardless of whether it is denied or not. Consent doesn't involve negotiating; a power you gave up the moment you felt his ownership.
    You have no power once you surrender all.
    Never give what is most sacred to you, if you cannot trust this person with your life.
    Never forget, it's not about you anymore.
    Never lose sight that it is a privilege to be owned, and a huge responsibility to those who own you. Never forget to be grateful if someone does take on you as a possession.
    Never give what is most sacred to you, if you cannot trust this person with your life.
    Never forget, it's not about you anymore.
    Never lose sight that it is a privilege to be owned, and a huge responsibility to those who own you. Never forget to be grateful if someone does take on you as a possession.

    Now I am off to visit a slave in France (lucky me) and will be back in October.
    Just leave me a message and I will reply, on my return.

    Michael Noel.